About Jalesar Global Foundation

Jalesar Global foundation is registered on 20th November, 2019 as trust under the Indian trusts act, 1882, having its registered office at 108, Lohamandi, Ghaziabad-201009 (UP). The main aim and objectives of Jalesar Global Foundation are –

  1. Education
  2. Medical Facilities
  3. Career Opportunities
  4. Transpratation Facilities
  5. Cultural Development
  6. Swachh Bharat

Jalesar Global Foundation is a registered society with the objective- “From Jalesar, For Jalesar”. We, ourselves being a part of Jalesar are well aware that an inexhaustible pool of resources lies untapped in the lap of Jalesar in the form of many young minds and skillful people. But, what they lack is the right opportunity to be the change that India yearns to see in the upcoming years. We believe that “There is no heaven besides your Birth Place”. And thus, we Jalesar Global Foundation has taken an initiative of shedding the light on each and every corner of Jalesar to make it a better place in the future.